Click to View Video AnswerWhere do I find someone to be my online spokesperson?

We have a growing list of actors who are willing and able to be your online spokesperson. Click on the actors link to view some of their samples.

Click to View Video AnswerHow does SiteVid determine what the spokesperson should say?

Since you know your business better than anyone else, most of our clients provide their own script. Our experts are available to assist you or review your script and offer feedback based off previous experience. We will work with you to make sure your video connects with customers in the best way possible so you get the most from SiteVid.

Click to View Video AnswerI want to be my own online spokesperson. Can you create a video of me?

Sure. Our studio located in North Dallas is well equipped to turn you into your own online spokesperson. If you are located outside of the Dallas market, we can send you to one of our affiliate locations or we can come to you.

Click to View Video AnswerWill I have to make drastic changes to my current website or website design?

No. We can work with any website on any platform. Occasionally, our clients wish to make design changes based off how the video looks on the website. We have the in-house design and development talent to help you with any web design changes you may wish to make.

Click to View Video AnswerDoes the video added to my website pose any security risk to my website?

No. In fact, the video isn’t even hosted on your current website host.

Click to View Video AnswerHow is the video implemented and delivered?

Once your videos are recorded and processed, we will work directly with you or your staff to seamlessly integrate your video into your website. Your video will stream to your website visitors based off their individual connection speed. Our technology relies on a broadband connection for best results.

Click to View Video AnswerIs implementation difficult?

No. All you or your webmaster need to do is insert a small amount of code. You don’t even need to upload files to your own web server.

Click to View Video AnswerDoes the video always have to be in the same position on my web pages?

No. Your videos can be anywhere on your website. Certain design elements within your current website may dictate where your video will look best. You can even change the location yourself by simply relocating the code to another area of your website page or pages.

Click to View Video AnswerCan more than one person be in the video?

Sure. Our clients often find that having two or more people interact which each other can have a significant impact on their marketing strategy.

Click to View Video AnswerHow do I get started?

Contact SiteVid today via telephone, email or online form. A sales associate will review your needs and create a personalized quote based off your scope of work. From there, a SiteVid project manager will review your script, schedule your actors and walk you through the entire process. We offer a truly turnkey solution.

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